The main goal of the digital platform is to protect the rights of privacy and freedom of expression of citizens on the streets and on the web, making activists aware and capable to face the rising of surveillance and rights violations. is especially important in a context of many mega-events like those that took place in Brazil in 2014 and 2016. With the excuse of guaranteeing order and controlling dissatisfied voices during the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics, Brazilian government heavily invested in security gear and expanded its online data gathering capacity for intelligence purposes. National and international data banks were integrated and cooperation agreements were expanded with entities such as Interpol. Thus, fundamental rights have been disrespected. intends to bring such violations to the fore. The platform is available to provide information about technologies that might be used by protesters and activists in their struggle for freedom of expression rights and against violations, censorship, and abuses.

The project’s main motto and feature is the Going to protest? Protect yourself!. Fully illustrated, the publication provides accessible information on privacy protection technologies. With it, activists should be able to obtain legal tips about their rights and risk mitigation strategies in cases of surveillance or abuse of power before going to the streets.

This project is an initiative of the NGO Article 19 but also counts several partners such as civil society organizations, information security specialists, illustrators, screenwriters, journalists, and developers. Each one of these collaborators has been creatively interacting to translate legal and communications security concepts in an artistic fashion, making them tangible to a general audience.